Renewing joy in life

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Brain Change!

In fact, we are all welcome to get brain changeóbut what is it all about? And where should we go in order to get it?

At NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life, we offer a versatile lineup of Brain Change experts who offer wide-ranging approaches to achieving better, healthier brain function and optimal performance.

From our Psychotherapy and Counseling services to the ultimate in Life Coaching to Neurofeedback and EMDR, we are your one-stop spot for enduring Brain Change. We invite you to explore our site further to learn how we empower individuals to take practical steps that benefit their physical, mental and emotional states.


NOVO (Latin for "Begin Anew") helps to empower you with positive change.

Our Counselors and therapists are here to help you achieve your life's goals and get you back on the right track and renew the joy in your life.

You deserve to be happier, don't you? Call us today.


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